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Alright, lets get this over with, ya? I guess it's about time I got tagged again, the last time I was tagged it was by my "Buddy" ScourgeLover. This time it's by my RP partner, XMausX
There's something wrong with these people-I'm not near as interesting as my snarky behavior would suggest.

• You must post these rules.
• Each person has TO SHARE 10 things about themselves.
• Answer 10 QUESTIONS asked to you and invent 10 questions that people you tag will answer.
• Choose 10 people + put their ICONS on your journal.
• Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
• Not something silly like: you are tagged if you read this. 
• You HAVE TO...
• ...
• blablabla
• basically a mix between a military order and the ten commandments. 

Ten Things About me:
1)  Erm...This is gonna be tough...Well I'm a writer-SciFi based for the most part.
2) I doodle a LOT....and mostly my doodles are bizarre inhuman creatures. Why, you ask? Because regular people are SO BORING to draw. It's the same basic design over and over again when it comes to drawing humanity.
3) All my exciting emergency room/hospital visits happened in my infancy...when I can't remember them and draw them out to be more dramatic and intriguing. 
4) Errmmmm....I'm a Pitbull fan. I was raised around them and they deserve a better reputation!
5) I'm running out of material here....I call my cat "The Rug" because he's so fluffy that if you skinned him (not happening-he is my baby) his skin would make a fairly luxurious rug. He's a big cat.
6) *taps desk and twirls imaginary mustache* What else can I blab out here?....I guess I go to college and am in my last year of high school....Thank God.
7).........................This is hard.....I'm not sure theres much else to me....GIANT TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE FAN! There's that.
8) You know comic book guy from The Simpsons? I'm going to end up like him eventually...only with a lot more hair and an actual waist line.
9)My comic book interests mainly encircle Anthromorphic characters...although I'm a huge Batman nut-his villains are awesome.
10) Snarkiness and sarcasm are two of my major emotions
Questions from lol2468lol
1) Cats or dogs? 
Dogs. Especially if they have big boxy heads
2) Do you draw, write, or both?
Both. I believe that the two are much like ying and yang. To write well, you must also doodle...even if its stick figures. (I don't draw stick figures for the record)
3) Are you part of the holy church of doitsu?
Doitsu? ...The hell? Is that an imaginary thing or some sort of anime cult following?
4) Become one with mother Russia, da?
het (nyet). Why would I want to. Sure, they have a killer artistic background-but there's no freedom there.
5) Would you want to be an anti hero?
Na, that requires too much work. I'm more of the sarcastic and snarky side character that makes fun of everyone, knows everything, and eventually gets their own cult following after I'm killed off as a major plot devise....Though I won't stay dead long, mind you, that'd be too boring.
6) Hero or villain? 
Neither. It's best to be an asset to both sides and become too important for someone to 'take care of'. Giving snarky hints here and there. Then I don't feel so bad about crushing on both teams
7) Are you a fangirl?
Of which franchise? Be specific, else, were I a less forgiving person-I could totally abuse this question.
8) Outside or in?
I'm an inny for the most part. Though if it's a nice tempeture for DaMushroom species, I'll curl up on my little hill and read a good book.
9) Favorite Hetalia character?
I'm not too into the Hetalia franchise myself. I tried the series out, but it was hard for me to follow and a little on the ridiculous side-though I like the idea of making fun of the countries stereotypes. Germany seems fun, I guess.
10) Did you enjoy this?
Why do people ask this question? Where's the relevancy in if I enjoyed it or not. If it helps you sleep at night, it made me feel even more snarky and sarcastic-which I enjoy.

XMausX questions:
1) What do you want to do when you grow up?
A voice actor and a professional author. I talk too much and I'm in my brainworld so much that it'd be difficult to live without writing to get the images out of my system.
2) What's your favorite Hetalia character song?
They have their own songs? Huh, I guess you learn something new everyday
3) Favorite school subject and why?
English-because I can make everyone of my classmates look like fools who bow down to my story memory, writing, and general intellect in the subject. It's the one place in the world I can look like a know it all ass without trying or being judged....but that's usually all in my head when I'm distracting myself in math class. BOW DOWN TO ME MENTALLY!
4) Phobia?
I don't have a phobia. That gene went entirely to my little sister, who has a lot of phobias. I'm not saying I'm not afraid of stuff, but not many things. I love creepy crawlies, the dark, and the like.
5) Books you recommend? 
Watership Down, The FableHeaven series, Hannah's dream, and The Storytellers Daughter. All good books that have become dear friends to me.
6) Songs you recommend? 
Bones of the Rabbit, I know I'm a wolf, The lion and the wolf, Evelyn Evelyn, Sandy Fishnets (only if you can handle really harsh stories-it took me a while to get to be okay with it), Johanna (Sweeny Todd),Counting Bodies like Sheep, Looks like I got me a friend, and Raise whats left of the flag for me.
7) Any languages you speak other than English/want to speak?
I would love  to learn Japanese.
8) Favorite color? 
9) Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? (Ambivert- both)
Introvert, though I have a strange habit of making friends with extroverts.
10) Favorite OC of yours?
errmmm....I don't think I can take much pride for any of my fanfiction characters, but as an orginal, from my brain, character-I really love Avalon the mutant spider from mine and Maus's RP.

DaMushrooms questions (be ready to weep sucka's)
1)What do you find as your true vocation? Would you be a doctor, or perhaps a financier, or why not consider a more challenging career!
2)If a mother and her unborn infant were in danger of loosing their lives, who would you save? The mother or her infant?
3)Make up a quick funny story, of three lines or more, of a cat. For example-my cat tried attacking a balloon string this evening.
4) Who's the better actor in your opinion, Tim Curry or Martin Short, and why?
5)You find a dead bird in your yard, do you have a small funeral for it, adding to your animal graveyard, or trash it?
6)Pirate or Ninja-why?
7) if you could screw around with the mentality of a superhero or heroine, who would it be and why and how? (for me it's Superman-he's a better character when he's insane or evil)
8) What would you do if you met "The Rug" (my cat)
9)What's your favorite Muppets movie (Treasure Island. O.O always Treasure Island.) and what makes you think so? (if it's not Treasure Island-your answer is wrong and you get an F because it's my journal page-Nana nana na)
10)Do you have a insane Grandma? If so, what crazy scheme has she gotten you into? I want to laugh at you.

So There's that then. Maus, I hope you're very happy with the results of your betrayal. Xp Since I am a mean, vindictive type person...I  Tag  :iconlovesleonardo:  and totally out of vengeance :iconscourgeluvr:


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United States
I've been writing since I was five years old, and we all draw when we're real little. I hope to learn how to create digital art and hope that one day I'm a profesional writer. I'm a realist and yet I dream up all this stupid junk.

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