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SkekDeh by DaMushroom
Oh lord, what have I done?

See, this is what happens when you continually talk with someone for weeks on end about one of your favorite cult classics.....oooohhh here we go.

Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal." Is a movie a lot of people are familiar with but don't really really know....and it's fans are bat-shit crazy/obsessive about it. It's a really cool movie, visually stunning, with a great action adventure story, and an entire worked out world for more adventures to be had in passed the original: prequels, sequels, continuations, AU's-you name it and it can be done, especially if it involves the movie's villains, the cruel Skeksis'-reptilian bird-like overlords of the world of Thra. Thanks to :iconsmeagolisme: and her feeding of my in the closet obsession drove me to actually attempt to draw a own...Yeeaahhh...I guess I'm out of the closet on this one now!

This is SkekDeh, the Linguist, counterpart to urHa the Translator (whom I have yet to tackle drawing). Now I know that Skeksis wear who they are, and take it quite literally-but I'm unimaginative and couldn't think of how someone who specializes in the languages of Thra would represent himself, aside having words tattooed all over his clothes-which I'm sure the Ornamentalist could've done, but I cannot, for I can't even hope to spell the words said in that movie unless they're sweet English words.

He's cunning, manipulative, usually plays the fawning follower, and has a different idea of how to gain power in the Skeksis court for himself; but really, in the Skeksis court, who isn't super manipulative? SkekDeh may be called male, as are all skeksis, but he see's himself more female than anything else. In the early and golden days of the Skeksis reign, even before Skeksis reign as a UrSkek, he spent much time traveling to the people and creatures of Thra, learning their many tongues and talking with them in more than the shared language of the world and in so learning more of how their cultures went....then the Skeksis reign went crazy to the point where we know the story taking place. Nowadays he mostly spends his time transcribing things for the librarian or going around the old gelfling ruins in search of a bigger loophole to the prophecy other than "by gelfling hands or no other." Otherwise he openly mocks the court in words they can't understand and passes them off as glowing compliments.  He chooses to align himself in General SkekUng's political faction, although he entertains the rest of the court in a friendly manner and, oddly enough, gets along fine with SkekSil, the Chamberlain. Seeing as he constantly goes around old ruins, SkekDeh is one of the few (if any) Skeksis' who actually have contact with their urRu counterparts. On occasions SkekDeh will run into urHa who is usually translating some information to bring back to the valley of stones. As much as he hates his urRu twin, somehow the two will get stuck into existential conversations, and on these occasions SkekDeh will return to the castle in a snappy, sometimes frightening, bad mood. For the most part when urHa appears, SkekDeh will do his best to ignore his twins presence.

I suppose, in some ways, SkekDeh could be considered a Skeksona-only my hairs not short and I'm not terribly clever-BUT I CAN SEE MYSELF BEING THESE THINGS!

His robes are...probably the least interesting of any skeksis fan character BECAUSE I CAN'T DRAW OR DESIGN CLOTHES!Dignity Laugh 

I DO NOT own any material affliated with the Dark Crystal-all ownership of the Skeksis race go to Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Brian Froud (if I did own The Dark Crystal, it's sequel wouldn't have been stuck in Development Hell for so long)
SkekDeh, however, DOES belong to me, :icondamushroom:
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Sooo I'm sitting on my butt, with not much to do, doodling again, so I decided to ask you guys something:

How do YOU think I can get better with my drawing skill-what would you, my fans, like to see me progress in? I'm working a lot on so much of the anatomy stuff that it's killing me, but still. What do guys think I could do better on? Where do you think I could go compared to where I am. Tips, suggestions. Anything ya got, I'll take.

So tell me where you think I could get better and what you want to see from me!


I go by LP when it comes to www.
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I've been writing since I was five years old, and we all draw when we're real little. I hope to learn how to create digital art and hope that one day I'm a profesional writer. I'm a realist and yet I dream up all this stupid junk.

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Just realized I had never put you on my watch as I came here to leave you some surprise...

SkekLa and ShehDeh by smeagolisme

Watched you!...^^ and finally made these two plotters some justice by drawing them as they  happily conspire! 
DaMushroom Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
This is too amazing! Thank you! You even spiced up SkekDeh's clothing style!
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DaMushroom Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
You're style of drawing is really something! I'm jealous XD

I look forward to seeing more
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